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SmartTrips Ithaca encourages Ithacans (like you!) take steps to use healthier, greener, and more enjoyable ways to get around town. We provide the resources and personal support you need to begin using all the transportation options available to you, whether that's a bike, TCAT, or Ithaca Carshare.

Our summer 2016 program has just ended for the season and we hope to restart next year in a neighborhood near you. In the meantime, you can learn about how the SmartTrips Ithaca program worked for Downtown Ithaca residents this past summer.

Highlights from Summer 2016

Pounds of CO2 Avoided
VMTs Reduced
Calories Burned

Reports and Findings

Our Final Report details how the program came together, and the positive impact we created with program participants in regards to their transportation choices.

The Downtown Ithaca Transportation Survey Report summarizes our findings regarding transportation use and the barriers faced by downtown residents when trying to commute in a sustainable way.

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Going Against the Way of the Jay – Is Ithaca the Walkable City it Claims to Be?

It’s Tuesday July 19th, 2016 and the thoughts of Ithacans are melting away with the stagnant heat of summer, dreaming of the weekend to come with the  Grassroots Festival and undoubtedly, trips to bodies of sparkling cool water. At 3:56pm, the Ithaca Police Department issued a media release on Facebook that surprised many, After 21 […]

Tips for Taking SmartTrips

You should enjoy every opportunity to get outdoors by walking, biking or riding the bus around town. Please do it safely!  Here are a few tips: Plan ahead: choose a smart mode and a safe route with MySmartTrips, schedule early arrival to reduce stress. Learn the rules: following pedestrian and road rules helps everyone move around safely. […]

TCAT Detours Giving You A Headache?

Ithaca seems to have only two seasons: winter and construction. Right now it’s construction season and there are several projects happening in Collegetown and Cornell that will make the buses take a detour. We’ve put together these two maps (click to see them bigger) that explain how the buses will travel through the area until the […]

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