Biking and Walking in Ithaca

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Pop-up park on College Avenue
Collegetown has a pop-up park for the summer! (Photo: Collegetown Business Association)

Within “The Flats” of Ithaca, walking and biking are great options for almost anything you may want to do. From the Commons, you can easily access so many local gems such as glistening creeks, inviting parks, and exciting local shops. Six Mile Creek can be reached just off The Commons; the crosswalk at Cinemapolis on E. Green St. has a fantastic pedestrian activated button that promptly stops traffic for safe crossing. Also, a three block stroll to the north is Cascadilla Creek and the stunning Cascadilla Gorge Trail up to Ithaca’s eclectic Collegetown neighborhood.

On a bike, the Commons is a trailhead that can connect you to shaded streets, the waterfront, and shopping. Enjoy wide smooth roads and calm traffic on the Tioga Street portion of the Bicycle Boulevard. At Lewis Street, cross over the Northside neighborhood and enjoy connections to the Cayuga Waterfront Trail via Dey Street and Third Street. From there enjoy the cool breeze off the water as you make your way towards water-bound parks and activity centers.

Whether you’re walking or biking, MySmartTrips can tell you what’s the best way to get there. When you search for directions and select “Bike” as your mode, MySmartTrips will give you directions that stick closely to Ithaca’s web of streets and trails that are selected for having calmer traffic and amenities that make riding your bike safer, such as speed bumps and bike lanes.

If you want to take moving on bike or foot to the next level, we suggest participating in the group runs organized by the Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company as well as group bike rides hosted by the Finger Lakes Cycling Club. They’re sure to get your blood pumping!