Tips for Taking SmartTrips

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You should enjoy every opportunity to get outdoors by walking, biking or riding the bus around town. Please do it safely!  Here are a few tips: Plan ahead: choose a smart mode and a safe route with MySmartTrips, schedule early arrival to reduce stress. Learn the rules: following pedestrian and road rules helps everyone move around safely. […]

Bikes Make Everything Better

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May through September is my favorite time of year to be cruising the canopied streets of Ithaca. From friendly neighborhood hellos, casual stops at a local café, easy parking at the Farmers’ Market, and National Geographic style sunsets over the Cayuga Waterfront Trail, my bike and I live the good life during those four precious […]

Biking and Walking in Ithaca

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Within “The Flats” of Ithaca, walking and biking are great options for almost anything you may want to do. From the Commons, you can easily access so many local gems such as glistening creeks, inviting parks, and exciting local shops. Six Mile Creek can be reached just off The Commons; the crosswalk at Cinemapolis on E. Green […]

Let’s Go Together

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How often do you go to the store, work, school, or an event by hopping in your car and driving alone? Most people live busy lives. This leads us to try to keep up with the various things that pop up in our day. Imagine if we slowed down enough to plan our week ahead. […]

Drive Smart with Ithaca Carshare

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The average American car owner spends $8,000 a year to own, insure, maintain and fuel their cars. That’s a big chunk of change for something that sits parked 95% of the time! Carsharing is a great way to significantly lower your car costs or gain access to a car when you need one. Ithaca Carshare […]

What’s SmartTrips All About?

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SmartTrips Ithaca is a community of people who are interested in improving our community by walking, biking, riding the bus, or sharing a ride more often instead of driving alone. We’re happy you decided to be part of SmartTrips! But did you know that SmartTrips are also being taken by people all over the country? […]