Let’s Go Together

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Friends carpooling their children to an after-school program.
Friends carpooling their children to an after-school program.

How often do you go to the store, work, school, or an event by hopping in your car and driving alone? Most people live busy lives. This leads us to try to keep up with the various things that pop up in our day. Imagine if we slowed down enough to plan our week ahead. We would consider how many more SmartTrips we could be making with just a bit of planning.
If each week we determine what trips we truly needed to make by car, we could better plan carpools with others going to the same destination.What routine trips do you make in a month? Examples of routine trips are the commute to work and back or your Sunday grocery trip to Wegmans. Planning these trips with neighbors, family, and friends helps you and them save a trip or two. Instead of three individuals taking three separate trips to the store, you can all go together.

Going together brings many long-term benefits. Sociable people may enjoy the morning chat to work each day if riding with a co-worker or family member, and perhaps heading to the store together at the end of the week. Going together can help you feel more connected and happier, leading to better wellness. By using your car less often and potentially sharing the costs, going together can save you money and add years to the life of your car. And just imagine all the gas you would be saving and pollution you’d be preventing from being emitted with all the SmartTrips you make over time.

Nowadays, not only can you carpool with those you know, but you can now meet others going your way with the help of ridesharing apps and platforms such as Zimride. If you are a driver, you can post rides on Zimride and charge a fee or offer a ride for free. If you are seeking a ride, you can place a search on Zimride to see what posts match your time and destination and it will alert you when a match has been found. What’s best is that Zimride verifies drivers and passengers, and you can see reviews for all Zimride users. Sign up on Zimride.com/Tompkins today!

Next time you plan to go to work, school, store or an event, consider what SmartTrips you could be making. If you have to drive, offer someone a ride, or opt to catch a ride with someone else. Going together is always better!