Couple testimonial of bike centric and carshare lifestyle

Local community members have great things to say about taking SmartTrips:

“I use carshare to maintain a bike-centric lifestyle with the occasional need for 4 wheels instead of two. I’ve run the numbers; for the amount I use a car it is far cheaper to share one than to own one!” Marshal McCormick, Fingerlakes Wealth Management

I love to walk

“I’m the coordinator of the Tompkins County Workers Center. I live actually very close to the commons, so my parking would be as far away as where I live. But, I’ve begun to walk even more partially in a desire to lose weight. We have three people in my family and my girlfriend has to drive to freeville so I had a car that got wrecked like a year ago and it was basically like, do I get another car or can I make do without it, so I actually signed up for carshare. And that’s been fabulous, like for when it’s been too far to go, but I would actually use the carshare to go ridiculously short distances, which was a waste and I realized I wanted to lose weight why not increase walking, so just seemed to make a lot sense to be walking more.

What’s intriguing about it, when one really starts thinking about transportation, it would be a lot to ask people to give up their cars, but I think if people can think that it’s not an either/or – either you walk everywhere or you take public transportation everywhere, or you have a car and you drive everywhere; it’s not an either/or, it’s really looking at situations where you don’t have to waste the gas you can get exercise for yourself.

I feel stronger, I feel physically stronger…” Pete Meyers – Coordinator, Tompkins County Workers Center 

I love to bike

“It’s fun biking to work. It’s a great way to start my day. It’s great exercise; it’s great being outside. And I like that I’m not burning fossil fuels.” Sharon Anderson, Environmental Issue Leader at Cornell Cooperative Extension

“I love biking because it’s so fun, so healthy for my family, so healthy for our planet, and makes us look really cool!” McKenzie Lauren Jones – Assistant Director, Ithaca Festival   

“I am a Community organizer and I work at Cornell. I live downtown, and for me biking anywhere downtown is just an obvious choice. I get exercise, I don’t waste money on gas, it’s much faster than walking, and it’s fun. It’s interactive, I can talk to people, I can stop and chat, I can zoom by, and for me it’s really important to get that exercise.” Carolina Osorio Gil – Director, CULTURA Ithaca; Engagement Coordinator, Latino/a Studies Program; Owner, Bici-Cocina Bicycle Food Cart

I take the bus

“Home is between here and Trumansburg. I take the bus several times a week, almost everyday. It’s convenient, I get dropped off right in front of my house…It’s better than driving back and forth. We can be a one car family.” Christopher Cowan, Owner at Press Café

“Take the 10 up to campus every day. I like the sense of community that comes from riding the bus. I think that it’s kind of fun to have my bus friends that I see every morning and it gives me an opportunity to ease into the day. [I take the bus] probably at least twice a day.”  Charlotte Howson, Student at Cornell

I take Ithaca Carshare

“Being a part of [Ithaca Carshare] and not owning a car has simplified my life more than I had ever imagined it would. I would encourage people to actually pull out a pencil and paper and figure out what it actually costs to own a car, including maintenance, gas, car payments, and insurance.When I did that it helped me to see the difference. I thought wow, I can afford these payments but I wasn’t aware of how much was going out. I have saved a ton of money by using a car when I need it versus having one all the time.” –Lebron Rankins, Local Resident

“It’s so convenient. I use the Green Street car to deliver prescriptions to private residences, as well as several group homes and offices within Ithaca.” Shelley Rogers, Green St pharmacy

“Between TCAT and my CarShare membership, we are happily a one-car household!” – Kerry Barnes, Director of Development & Community Relations at Longview, an Ithacare Community

We would like to also highlight Kerry Barnes for the work she does in helping others:

“…being a bus rider myself has helped me educate and advocate for our residents at Longview, where I work. We’ve learned that seniors who have never used public transit can be intimidated by it, so we’ve created programs (like our Learn to Ride TCAT field trips) and accommodations like our own “cheat sheet” large print bus schedule to help them feel more at ease using the bus…”