Tips for Taking SmartTrips

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Picture of various people walking, biking, taking the bus, and using Ithaca Carshare.

You should enjoy every opportunity to get outdoors by walking, biking or riding the bus around town.

Please do it safely!  Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan ahead: choose a smart mode and a safe route with MySmartTrips, schedule early arrival to reduce stress.
  2. Learn the rules: following pedestrian and road rules helps everyone move around safely.
  3. Be seen & look out: wear items that are bright and/or reflective and use lights when in the dark.
  4. Slow down: keep to a lower speed to stay safe and be ready to respond to anything that may come into your path.
  5. Seasonal protection: wear appropriate gear for taking smart trips all times of day and weather.
  6. Bring water and snacks: stay hydrated using a reusable water bottle and have snacks on hand.
  7. Wear a good pair of shoes: helps keep you safe, balanced, and more energized throughout the day.
  8. Bring a change of clothes: bring along your work clothes or outfit for the day if you want to freshen up when you arrive.
  9. Think about storage: storing and locking up your items (bike, clothes, bag, etc.) will keep things safe and ready to use.
  10. Have fun: Don’t forget to smile and enjoy the scenery while you walk or ride around town!